Friday, December 30, 2011

Cheapo mojito

What do you do if you're throwing a Cuban BBQ and the price of limes is astronomical? Improvise!

Make a lime simple syrup with the zest from your limes; use 1 lime for each cup of sugar.

Makes 1 drink

Mint leaves
Lime wedges (1/6 of a lime each)
Raw sugar
White rum
Lime simple syrup
Soda water

Muddle 6 mint leaves and a lime wedge with a hint of raw sugar. Add two shots of rum and 1/2 shot (15 mL) of sugar syrup.

Grind a handful of ice and add to the minty rum mixture then top-up with soda. Stir before serving.

1 comment:

heather m said...

why are limes so expensive in oz/nz? and not that nice really either? what goes for nz$24 a kilo in nz is nz$4 in california. madness!
another madness is the two 'words' i must type to post here, todays are 'svrst' & 'rinit' pah! they're not even words!
yours, outraged of belgium